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AlphaMoon (Launch time TBA)

Permanent LP is created whilst completely removing the sell pressure that is a feature of current reflection tokens. Alphamoon reimagines the current trends and takes Alphas safely to the moon.


Wallets holding DGVC LP tokens at the time of the snapshot will receive the #alphadrop. Simply buy and pool DGVC. Degens are notified on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.



The story so far...


Degen Labs supports new projects

Everything - from the web to money itself - is currently being rearchitected. In August 2020, we airdropped DGVC tokens embarking on a new mission to rearchitect venture finance. The innovation has been covered in notable publications such as: The Coin Tribune, Altcoin Buzz, and Irish Tech News. The Degen team has been been developing the ideas behind Degen.VC since 2017.


DGVC-V2 will be a Fee on Transfer (FOT) token launching in 2021. It will leverage the propensity for crypto users to trade between #alphadrops to strengthen its LP (degens holding UNI-V2 tokens) by sending these fees to a Liquid Vaults that will generate liquidity for new Alphadrop pairs. Learn more



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Liquid Vault

What is the Liquid Vault? Learn more

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Rewards vaults


Economic experiments

Fund raising

Liquidity mining


Liquidity pooling


Points mining

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As an LP you can shape the future of venture finance and participate in designing new projects. This co-creation happens on a permissioned Discord channel for LP holders only. Our Telegram is open for everyone.


Do you want to co-create the future of venture finance with us?

DGVC Tokenomics

Fixed Supply:


Circulating Supply:






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DGVC ADDRESS: 0x26E43759551333e57F073bb0772F50329A957b30
(Do not send ETH to this address)


Our Strategy and Project Plan

Oct-Dec 2020

Liquid Vault development

Feb 2021

Rock3t and HARDCORE

Apr 2021

Gitcoin Hackathon


Aug 2020

Degen.VC launched and DGVC #alphadropped

Oct-Dec 2020

Project co-creation

Feb 2021

New project co-creation

May 2021


#Alphadrops in pipeline


Pool participants


Percentage of circulating supply in UNI LP




The Degen Labs Co-Founders


Fraser Brown, MBA

Co-founder Degen.VC

Olympian. Ethereum PM since 2016. Turned degen 2019.

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Paul "Khal" Scott

Co-founder Degen.VC

Former bank treasurer turned crypto and DeFi specialist.

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Our pipeline of #alphadrops to the DGVC LP.

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April 2021

ARTREX will leverage Liquid Vault innovation to launch a unique and fully decentralised and autonomous marketplace for NFT. The token's FOT (fee on transfer) revenues will also generate income for creators. MEME forked smart contracts will allow NFT minting through points earned by staking. 

In The Press

"Disruption is the name of the game"

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Altcoin Buzz

"Disruption is the name of the game when it comes to the crypto industry. Are venture capitalists next in line? DegenVC is taking on the challenge".

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The Coin Tribune

"A guarantee of quality and durability in the current changing context".

Irish Tech News

 "Degen VC aims to provide a serious competitor to the venture capital model through their Degen Labs initiative."


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Frequently Questions

Community updates

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Why should I buy and pool DGVC?

When you buy and pool DGVC, you automatically become eligible for #alphadrops. These are what we call airdrops. Our #alphadrops are projects that are developed by either ourselves or other project teams and with the goal of ensuring that quality, authentic teams and technologies rise.

Who is behind Degen.VC and why?

When Fraser Brown an Irish Olympian turned entrepreneur and Paul Scott a blockchain specialist and former bank treasurer from South Africa met in mid 2018 they shared an acute disappointment that the promise of token generation via smart contract, or “ICO”, had failed to put the opportunity of capitalizing on early-stage investing into the hands of “Average Joe and Jill”. After a number of attempts to bring their ideas to market, the launch of $MEME in August 2020 by Uniswap airdrop was identified by the team as the perfect launch mechanism to come to market, and after its own successful airdrop Degen.VC was born.

How does Degen.VC take back Alpha from the VC’s?

In 2018, venture capital capitalised on the void created by ICO’s frauds and foolhardiness. There were two main reasons that this was able to happen: there were no ICO buyers anymore and VC was equipped to filter out the scams and back the best projects. The team believe that the exploding interest in AMM’s like Uniswap has resulted in renewed appetite to take good technologies back from VC ownership and control, and into the hands of the decentralized community. This is our goal - to continue creating opportunities for individuals will all manner of budgets to back great teams and technologies at the very earliest possible stage.

What is Degen Labs?

Degen Labs was set up to allow the team to fast track projects that our community wants to launch. We do this via our Discord co-creation channels, which are a form of “Citadel DAO” These co-creation channels are only open to the DGVC LP and are great spaces where the community can discuss and help design the best-fit set of economic levers to ensure that projects launched are a combination of what the community and market demand, and those which have the best chance to be successful. For example - in the coming weeks and months we could see a new DeFi project announce it’s raft of big name investors only for a competing project to launch days later with Degen.VC using DAO governance and leveraging the backing of a vast crowd rather than a handful of VC’s and elites.



Explainer article for Degen.VCs new token DGVC-V2


Liquid Vault

What is Liquid Vault and Why is it ground breaking

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Track record

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